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Guided Relaxation - Relax for Health CD

Feel healthier with every breath, when you own this blissful recording

Relaxation is essential for the mind and the body. So any time you’re feeling under the weather, put on this revitalizing CD to help heal your body and soothe your spirit.

With the aid of our guided visualization, you’ll envisage yourself in a calm, quiet place beside the ocean. Listen to the primeval sound of waves breaking softly on the shore, while above sea-birds call to one another as they have done for thousands of years.

Breathe in the clean, fresh sea air and feel it percolating through your body, refreshing and re-invigorating you. In this tranquil, relaxing haven, feel all your cares melting away, and your body responding to the healing sounds of the ocean...

You'll soon feel completely calm, relaxed, uplifted. A healthier body will surely follow.

And any time in future you need to give your health a boost, just put on this CD again, and feel its power restoring and rejuvenating you.

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