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Guided Relaxation - Deep Relaxation CD

Enjoy total chill-out with this deeply soothing CD

Transport yourself to paradise with this relaxing CD. Any time you’re feeling tense just pop it on your computer or music player, then close your eyes and let the cares of the day wash away... 

You’ll hear the soft roar of the ocean and, with the help of our guided visualization, picture yourself on a stunning, sandy beach. There’s no-one else here, and nothing at all to worry about. So just relax and feel the warm sun on your face, the silver sand beneath your feet.

Breathe in the good, clean air, tinged with ocean spray. Listen to the sea-birds calling to one another in the far distance. Nothing matters here except you and the deep sense of well-being that spreads through your whole body. As you listen to the waves lapping gently on the shore, you’ll feel all of your stresses simply melting away...

And soon – very soon – you’ll be refreshed, revitalized and raring to go – secure in the knowledge that your perfect beach will always be here for you, any time you need it!

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