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Brainwave CDs - At One With Planet Earth CD

Discover inner tranquillity and peace, thanks to the Schumann's resonance

The Earth vibrates at what scientists call its resonant frequency, or "Schumann's resonance". As natives of this planet our bodies are attuned to this frequency as well, and it has been found to be beneficial for all sorts of purposes, including healing.

This CD has been designed to bring you all the many benefits of what native Indians call Mother Earth’s heartbeat. It starts with relaxing "earth" music, designed to calm your mind and relax your body. Then listen as the soft music and brainwave tones combine in your head to generate an inner pulse at the Earth’s natural frequency.

As your brainwaves synchronize with this, you’ll feel relaxed, grounded, at one with the planet. Your anxieties will melt away, allowing all the benefits of the resonant frequency to flood through your body...

And afterwards you’ll feel refreshed, empowered, in harmony with the Earth once more. You’ll be ready for anything...

Yet secure in the knowledge that any time in future you need to “get back to Earth”, this power-packed CD will be there waiting for you!

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HEALTH DISCLAIMER: Do NOT listen to brainwave entrainment recordings if you suffer from epilepsy, a serious mental disorder, if you are pregnant, if you wear a pacemaker, if you are prone to seizures, if you are photosensitive, or if you are under the influence of medication or drugs. We only advise brainwave entrainment recordings for individuals over 18 years old. Do NOT use brainwave entrainment recordings when you need to stay awake.

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